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Tift County Board of Education

Board Members


The Tift County Board of Education holds their regular monthly meeting at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Board of Education Office.

Mission Statement

In its pursuit of educational excellence, the Tift County School System will provide learning opportunities for all students, will accommodate the needs of all students, will challenge all students to use their innate abilities, and will assist all students to live responsible, productive, and meaningful lives.

Board of Education Goals

  • Student achievement in the core academic areas will improve annually in accordance with State and Federal accountability benchmarks.
  • The high school graduation rate will increase annually in accordance with State and Federal accountability benchmarks
  • Continue to improve fiscal practices and procedures to maintain a strong financial base.
  • Foster a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Implement the Standards for the Local Board of Education.

The Tift County Board of Education Believes

  • All students can achieve in school.
  • All students will have an opportunity for an appropriate education.
  • All students have a right to a safe and drug free environment.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the student, the home, the educators, and the community.
  • Reading is the foundation of learning.
  • Education is a lifelong process.
  • Learning is directly related to the quality of teaching.
  • Schools must prepare students to live productively in a rapidly changing society and world.
  • Public education is the cornerstone of our democratic society.
  • Teaching is the cornerstone of all other professions.
  • Educators will have the resources needed to fulfill their mission.
  • Adequate facilities will be provided to ensure the best learning environment for students.
  • The Board of Education must ensure that the school system is providing the best educational opportunities for all of its students.
  • Actions of the Board of Education should be in concert with the values of the community.
  • Local control is an essential element in the governance of public education.
  • Commitment to and participation in public education by all citizens are critical to the future of the school system and to the community.
  • The quality of life in our community is significantly influenced by the quality of our school system.